#travelfriday 10.01.2020

It’s #travelfriday again! That means, every friday Homeswap-On-Wheels will post informations on accessible travel, stories and anecdotes from our trips and recommendations.

Traveling as a disabled person can be challenging sometimes. But we, as disabled persons, appreciate the good things during vacations even more. 
The next #travelfriday posts will be about some overwhelming moments I had in Ireland a few years ago. One of these moments was in a train from the countryside to Dublin. I whitnessed a chat between two men. As far as I understood them (some irish dialects/languages are difficult to understand as a mainland european) the chat was about football. After a few stops, they said good bye and one of them left the train. Then I realized, that they haven’t known each other before, they where just strangers chatting about football. Ok, what’s so overwhelming about two guys talking about football, you must ask? The man who left the train was a man with down-syndrome.
I have never seen in my entire life such a great place like Ireland where people with learning challenges are equally treated as any other citizen. Even more, they are very present and welcome in everyday life. 

What are your special moments during your vacations?!

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#travelfriday Dec. 27, 2019 - New Year´s Eve on the island Sylt

A while back I spent the most wonderful New Year’s Eve on the german island Sylt. It was a warm night, the moon reflected on the sea. I found a quiet corner on the accessible beach in List and enjoyed snow flakes falling into the sea and onto the beach.

It was the most beautiful and bizarre spectacle of nature, I ever came across. And it was the perfect location, to pass the old year in review and greet the New Year.

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#travelfriday Dec. 20, 2019 - Merry Christmas in the mountains!


Although I am spending my Christmas at home with my beloveds this year, I want to tell you about Christmas in the mountains. I had a wonderful time in Alpbachtal in Tyrol.
By now there are many winter tourism regions that have plenty of accessible offers for you to enjoy the alps. There are accessible mountain railways, including accessible toilets at the railway station, accessible chalets and even inclusive sport programs for wheelchair users. I am not that sporty, but experiencing the view from the mountain top down to the snowy valley is the perfect beginning for your holiday in the mountains. It is so lovely to warm up in the chalet and eat hot soup with traditional tyrolean bread-cheese dumplings before you take the mountain railway again down to the valley.

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#travelfriday Dec. 13, 2019 - The abundance of Viennese christmas markets

The abundance of Viennese Christmas markets
Today I will tell you about this years´ favorite accessible Christmas market in Vienna. Whether you are living in Vienna or getting a desire to come here for a vacation: this tip is totally worth it!
Nowadays there are plenty of different Christmas markets: medieval Christmas market in front of the Museum of Military History, Vegan Christmas Market, Winter in MQ - MuseumsQuarter and so on.
Vienna is due to its rich architecture lovely to look at and with it´s accessible, public transport very practical. There are a few things that can dampen my pre-Christmas mood as a person using a wheelchair at Viennese Christmas markets: cobbled streets (that shake me until I have a horrible headache), stalls that are way too high, hurdles that I have to roll over, narrow streets between stalls and crowds.
They say: tastes are different, so it is with Christmas markets as well. My tip for this year: the Christmas market in front of St. Charles Church, a beautiful baroque church with it´s significant dome and two pillars.

ART ADVENT at St. Charles Place
In front of the scenery of St. Charles Church you will find a very generously spread and accessible Christmas market area. The space between the left and the right row of stalls is very wide, so even when it´s more crowded on weekends, it is not such a bumpy endeavour as you will find it on other markets.
The desks of the stalls have less then 1 meter hight - they sell local, often sustainable and organic handicraft.
From a culinary perspective, everybody will be satisfied here: the organic certified products are since last year palm fat free and offer not only many vegetarian options, but also vegan delights. For example there are tirolean Kiachl (freshly baked yeast dough donuts) - they remind me of my tirolean roots. There are also many non-alcoholic hot mulled beverages.
What I also love is: they offer entertainment programme for all ages, like concerts or fairy tale storytime. Further information on the entertainment programm here.
This Christmas market is central, located in the first district and accessible with public transport via metro or tram. There are also handicapped parking spots close by. Also: they do have accessible toilets.
What is your favourite Christmas market? Tell us where you love to go (doesn´t have to be in Vienna) or post a photo! We would love to see which ones you like!
How about spending next year´s Christmas in Vienna, Hamburg or New York - or would you rather spend it relaxing and full of snow on the country side?
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#travelfriday Dec. 6, 2020 - Christmas time in Vienna

It’s #travelfriday ! That means, every friday Homeswap-On-Wheels will post informations on accessible travel, stories and anecdotes from our trips and recommendations.

Let us know in the comments below what you are interested in!

The holidays are coming up and people are planning the last days of the year. This year I prefer to stay home, make myself comfortable and cosy in my flat, enjoy relaxed days with loved ones.
Living in central Europe, in Vienna, that’s not a hard thing to do. The Viennese holiday flair is something many people come here for: Christmas markets, drinking mulled wine, enjoying the architecture and cuisine, that Vienna is so famous for. And: the public transport is very accessible, something I really appreciate when I am travelling in other countries or cities.
As stressful as the holidays can be for many, my plans for this year mean for me I can spontaneously go to the movies, to an exhibition or just enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and cake on my strolls through wintery vienna.
It’s so much more relaxing to be able to move freely, depending on what you need.

So tell me, what are your holidays plans?

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