How do I join Homeswap-On-Wheels?

  1. Sign-up: you need an e-mail-address and a password.
  2. Fill out your personal data (name, age, postal code, city) and tell us the type of your home.
  3. Agree to the "Terms of Use" and the "Data Protection Settings".
  4. After the first e-mail from us, you can start to fill out the mask about the facts of your home. Try to be as exact as possible. Whenever you need support, contact us with a click on "Contact Tiam".
  5. Upload at least one photo for each room.
  6. Press "Save".
  7. You will recieve another e-mail within a few hours.
  8. We will check, if the profile of your home is optimized, otherwise we will support you. Well done, almost there!
  9. After a last check, we activate your profile and off you go! Your home is visible for all the other homeswappers! Get in touch and plan your next trip!

Do I have to change my home when I get a request?

No, you don't have to agree to anything you don't want!

Every exchange must be for both members. If a member does not agree, there will be no exchange.

Here at Homeswap-On-Wheels we have the principle: Nothing must, much is possible! Free according to the self-determined life philosophy YOU decide what happens in YOUR life.

Do I have to report something somewhere, if I exchange my home as a tenant?

No, as the exchange does not include rent, this is purely a private matter. It is completely legal for tenants to offer their rent for home exchange.

As a tenant it is your responsibility to check the terms of your lease and determine if you need to inform your landlord before inviting Homeswap-On-Wheels members into your home. If you are unsure, the best option is to inform your landlord prior to the exchange.

Homeswap-On-Wheels cannot be held liable if you violate the terms of your rental agreement.

As the exchange is not a rental or sublease, these overnight stays are not subject to any accommodation regulations.

What happens if I suddenly fall ill before an agreed trip and the exchange is not possible?

Unfortunately this can happen. Here at Homeswap-On-Wheels we pay attention to honesty and openness. As soon as you know that you have to cancel, please inform your exchange partner* immediately. Cancellation costs incurred are to be borne by the person concerned.

How can I organize the exchange of keys?

There are many ways to exchange keys:
You can wait for your guests to arrive and hand over the keys personally. You can ask a neighbour or a person you trust to hand over the keys as soon as the guest arrives. You can hide the keys in a secret safe place. For example, a secure safe, under a flower pot, etc. Or you send them the keys by mail.

Please note: We recommend that you do not make any plans that depend on the arrival of the guest at a certain time, as unexpected delays may occur with all means of transport.

In general, there will always be a possibility to exchange keys. However, for greater security, we also recommend that you give your guests your telephone number if they need to contact you. A second number can be for someone living in the city in case of an emergency.

What can I do with my valuables during an exchange?

A good way to keep your valuables safe is to keep them locked away. For your peace of mind, if you have a basement, office or closet that can be locked, it would be best to keep your things there. You may prefer to keep small valuables, such as jewellery, with you.

For larger valuables that are not easy to transport, the greatest risk is that your guests may damage them. You can ask your guests not to touch or use them beforehand, or you can even leave a "don't touch" note or cover them with a blanket.

Finally, the best way to protect your valuables is to choose your guests wisely:
Take the time to meet the people who want to stay at home while you exchange messages on the platform. Give preference to guests with similar lifestyles to you. For example: If you have a porcelain collection in your living room, it would be advisable not to welcome families with children. If you are worried about your musical instruments, it may be better to choose guests who share a passion for them.

What happens if something in the host's apartment accidentally breaks during my stay?

In the spirit of honesty and openness, you should tell your hostess immediately.

If it is a small matter, you can try to buy a replacement or leave the money behind. Basically, every member of Homeswap-On-Wheels should have a household insurance policy. Such insurance should cover such damage.

Who is responsible for cleaning after an exchange?

The guest must leave the house in the condition in which it was when he or she arrived. Therefore, the guest is responsible for cleaning the house after the stay.

How do I know when my Homeswap-On-Wheels membership expires?

For now Homeswap-On-Wheel memberships are free of cost. We want to secure that there is a wide variety of flats and houses on this platform and that all the home exchanges work out perfectly.

When this is the case, we inform you and you have 8 weeks to decide wether keep your membership or not. After that the payment of 80 € or 90 US$ for an annual membership is due.