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What is Homeswap On Wheels? THE platform for accessible flat/house exchange: no more bad suprises at your holiday destination, no more stressful, overpriced and inaccessible vacations - join us and travel the world free of cost through accessible flat exchange.

Whether you are using a wheelchair, a walker or a scooter. Whether you live with a service dog or  with Personal Assistance. Our team of Homeswap On Wheels aims to enable disabled people on their autonomous travels.

The thing you have to do: become a member of Homeswap On Wheels.

We as disabled people can´t and won´t relinquish all the necessary equiment on vacation, which we are using at home. We know how important it is to be clear about the equipment of the accomodation, so you can decide if it meets your needs. Homeswap On Wheels is using a unique and precise filter for your home and so you´ll find the home that suits best for you.

Vienna, Hamburg, New York - our possibilities to travel are endless if we give free rein to our wanderlust and exchange our flats and houses with each otger.

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Our latest homes

Wohnungseingang und Eck-Küche
Rollstuhlgerechte 2-Zimmer-Wohnung am Stadtrand von Wien
zentral gelegene, rollstuhlgerechte 2,5 Zimmer-Wohnung in Hamburg

A cordial hello from self-isolation

A cordial hello from self-isolation!

The measures due to covid-19 mean for Homeswap on Wheels that we are not only staying at home (#homestayonwheels), but that we are not able to continue our work until further notice.

We do know that even thinking about travelling is the least of many´s worries - we know that and we don´t want our message to come across as cynical.

We know that many of us with disabilities and chronic illnesses have more severe things to think about than their travel plans. Existencial, health related and financial worries, consequences of solitude and so much more strains us and make us lose sleep and energy over it.


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