Welcome to Homeswap On Wheels ~ YOUR opportunity to travel the world.

What is Homeswap On Wheels? THE platform for accessible flat/house exchange: no more bad suprises at your holiday destination, no more stressful, overpriced and inaccessible vacations - join us and travel the world free of cost through accessible flat exchange.

Whether you are using a wheelchair, a walker or a scooter. Whether you live with a service dog or  with Personal Assistance. Our team of Homeswap On Wheels aims to enable disabled people on their autonomous travels.

The thing you have to do: become a member of Homeswap On Wheels.

We as disabled people can´t and won´t relinquish all the necessary equiment on vacation, which we are using at home. We know how important it is to be clear about the equipment of the accomodation, so you can decide if it meets your needs. Homeswap On Wheels is using a unique and precise filter for your home and so you´ll find the home that suits best for you.

Vienna, Hamburg, New York - our possibilities to travel are endless if we give free rein to our wanderlust and exchange our flats and houses with each otger.

Become a member of Homeswap On Wheels and make plans for your next trip!


We look forward to getting to know you :-)

Our latest homes

Aussagekräftiger Titel für Dein Zuhause!
Wohnungseingang und Eck-Küche
Rollstuhlgerechte 2-Zimmer-Wohnung am Stadtrand von Wien

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What is so special about Homeswap On Wheels?

  • You are finally able to travel, no matter how mobile you are and what needs you have.
  • You are not facing bad surprises anymore when you arrive at your holiday destination. You can finally rely on the measurements and data for the accomodation and its equipment. Ceiling hoist to get into bed? No problem - with our precise filter you´ll find what you need.
  • You save a lot of extra money on travel costs, even if you travel with Personal Assistance.
  • You decide everything by yourself and create your holiday experience.
  • Nobody will rip you off or charges you extra - the membership is free of charge.
  • Because Homeswap On Wheels is operated by a disabled person, you can trust that we take you, your needs and your worries seriously.
  • Last but not least: I like the idea, that we as disabled people take our life in our own hands. Homeswap On Wheels is establishing an international travel platform, just as we need and like it.

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