About us

Because I am a disabled person myself, use a Power Chair and live with Personal Assistance, I know only too well about the challenges of travelling as a disabled person. We always have to make compromises in order to be able to go on holiday at all. Either the accommodation is not really suitable for one's own needs, or way too expensive.
I've had enough of such compromises and renunciations and world like to offer Homeswap-On-Wheels as an uncompromising way to travel.

But before I tell you more about it, I would like to introduce myself:
I am almost 50 years old, disabled from birth, come from the country and found my new home in the big city 20 years ago. I have been active in the field of disability policy and queer politics for a very long time. My social family is the most important thing in my life and is the reason why I am looking forward coming home at the end of my often long journeys.

Apart from having a lot of experience from my own life, I was able to get a very good overview of the needs of disabled people in my professional activities.
Among other things, I helped set up a peer counseling center in Vienna and managed it for almost 10 years. The focus of my counselling was on disabled people who were affected or threatened by various forms of violence. From these consultations I learned how important independence, security, self-determination and one's own space or home are. Many of us fight for years to get out of the institution or to become independent from the family. For many of us, our own four walls are the epitome of self-determination.
Therefore, I am aware of the trust that is needed to exchange this very home with a stranger.
And this is exactly the strength of Homeswap-On-Wheels: We all have similar experiences and fears or challenges. We are a peer group and we are creating a kind of safe place on this platform. In principle, that's how it is for all of us. For example, if I am in your home and you are in mine, we can both assume that our homes are important to us. Then we will both treat each other's home as respectfully as our own. We know how important our aids are. We know how much effort it takes to get broken appliances repaired or replaced. We know that specially adapted furniture is much more expensive than standard furniture.

You can be sure that I will do my utmost, that you and your home will be safe with Homeswap-On-Wheels ~ I‘m looking forward to your membership!

Homeswap-On-Wheels is about expanding and connecting the communitie(s) of disabled people and elderly people. It’s about having loads of opportunities for travelling no matter your specific needs.

I tried to make the whole site as accessible as possible. Homeswap-On-Wheels is mainly about accessability! And it‘s about Peer Support and Community! So let‘s support each other and be honest and kind with each other.